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by on October 26, 2016

Making best use of Mobile Strike Hack Online

Mobile strike is a game designed for Android and iOS phones by EpicWarLLC. In the game there are several in app purchases which can be made in terms of what is called gold. However if you want free gold you need a good hack tool.

To get resources, follow the steps below to get it:

  • Click on the link which takes you to the hack tools page
  • Enter the username you have take up in mobile strike
  • Input the total amount of gold which you desire for in app purchases
  • Be sure to enable proxy support it is needed for mobile strike hack online
  • Click on the generate button and be patient till the processing bar is complete
  • Pass the human verification test and the gold will be received.

Enjoy your newly acquired gold and keep playing the game.

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Tips for the game

There are some important tips that are of great assistance while enjoying mobile strike. They are as follows:

  • Be a part of an alliance.

Not only is this a great way to speed up the construction of your base but also makes engaging in combat more exciting.

  • Open supply crates.

To do this you need to possess an Epic War account. But once you do it as a reward you are given 500 gold coins. However you can also try out mobile strike hack online for free gold.

  • Complete your missions.

These missions provide you with benefits and can help you attain a better place in the game.

  • Become a VIP

Once you become a VIP you have access to a lot more benefits and can truly move ahead in the game.

  • Upgrade commander.

This will serve you a great purpose when engaged in combat. This ensures your commander fights for much longer than he or she could normally.

  • Upgrade the base

You need to keep upgrading so that the enemy does not get an opportunity to invade the base and destroy. Also to complete the process quickly try mobile strike hack.

  • Take a chance

The chance button helps you to possibly attain better rewards after completing missions. Some might find it risky but if you have gold to burn go for it.

mobile strike hack online

My Review

On a close review of the game along with the mobile strike hack online the following points must be attended to:

  • There is the presence of an in-game translator that allows players from different parts of the world to play and combat.
  • You can customize the commander which gives the game a more personal touch.
  • It is possible to boost your stats by making equipments from the material you find in crates. Another great way would be to use mobile strike hack.
  • The construction of the base can be extensive in order to better your ranks and bring your commander up the ranks.
  • The game has very good graphics with Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing at different instances making it exciting.
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